My Best Friend’s Brother by Hazel Kelly

Do you know what I like?

When I open a book and it surpasses my expectations. Contemporary romance isn’t my favourite genre (Note by Noni: ALL YOU EVER READ IS CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE SO WHAT ARE YOU SAYING??? Why are you lying to the good people of the internet?) because I feel most authors get the male characters too wrong for my liking. The guys are grade A assholes that are too vain and only talk about their sexual prowess as their greatest achievements. This wasn’t the case with this book. It wasn’t your typical best friend’s brother romance story where the girl is pining over the guy and wondering if she will ever be good enough (Sweetie, FFS is he good enough?).

This right here is a damn good book.

Firstly, let me commend the author for creating characters that were likeable and relatable.

The guy (Shane) was perfect in my eyes, everything I want in a male character; kind, smart, sexy and confident and most importantly he was not an ASSHOLE (and the world didn’t implode. Go figure). I don’t know how much I can stress that!

The girl (Andi) was your regular girl, nice, smart and had insecurities just like any other girl but not the overbearing kind where she thinks she’s not good enough (seriously I can not deal with those books) and wonders if anyone will love her (insert eye roll). Honestly authors need to stop writing stuff about girls like that, it’s annoying. We all have insecurities but it’s nice to read about girls who are sure of themselves and aren’t always doubting themselves.

Forgive my rant but after a dozen bad books, finally reading a good book was a bit overwhelming… I needed to let that out.


Anyway back to the book! This story is about two people who have been friends for years and after one bad incident they start spending time together and begin to fall for each other. The author writes it in a way that makes you feel their emotions and fall in love, too. The secondary characters were well written and are so interesting that I was hoping for their own books, which is strange because I hate series (I feel that authors get it right with the first books and the follow ups don’t come out as interesting). 

This is a feel good book that you read when you just want to stay in with your cocoa by the side and some brownies to accompany them. It’s definitely worth your time and effort and so I advise everyone who just loves a damn good book to read it.

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