Mr Popular by Nicole London

I normally don’t read YA romances because I feel I am passed that stage and generally like reading about people in my age group but this book impressed me.

This is her second book and if anyone has read her previous book, I trust you this one is WAAYYYY better.

Like most readers who read her other book and didn’t like it, I was extremely skeptical of this book.

But I took a chance on it and read it and I can assure you I love it. It left butterflies in my tummy and had my toes curling in happiness the entire time.

The story is about Mariah and Liam who grew up next to each and basically formed a friendship due to summer camp and also because Liam is best friends with Mariah’s brother.

Due to something that happened in their past, they don’t get along (more like Mariah can’t stand Liam. She does everything in her power to avoid him but it’s nearly impossible with them practically living in the same house since Liam spends a lot of time at her place).

Everything stays the same until Liam breaks up with his girlfriend ‘Ms Popular’ (hate her) and then ends up kissing Mariah’s at a party (insert swoon). 

Let me just… Let me just put this here:

“Four is …” I suck in a breath as he gently presses his lips against mine, as he pulls me even closer — kissing me slow and gently, like I’ve never been kissed before.

“Am I kissing you right?” He whispers at my mouth, making me weak in the knees. “Is it like this?”

Excerpt From: London, Nicole. “Mr. Popular: A Falling For My Brother’s Best Friend Romance.” 


This is another light read that leaves you blissful. I felt so sad when it was done and just because I can, I am going to read it again! 

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