‘Cole- A Bachelors of the Ridge’ Novel By Karla Sorensen

I cried like a baby the entire time I read this book and it didn’t help that I was high on hormones the entire time.


Mostly I stay away from books that make me cry but I would gladly curl back in my bed and read this book all over again and cry just as much as I did the first time.

This book left me feeling light and eased.

It’s such a beautiful book that makes you feel the ugly side of relationships and yet makes you even understand that love is more wonderful than anything.

It’s only now that I am writing this that I feel this book reminded me of Grey’s Anatomy (*SPOILER* before they killed off McDreamy *SPOILER*).

Cole and Julia’s love story will remind you of Derrick and Meredith, Coles’s love for Julia and his dedication to her is similar to that of Derrick Shepard and even though Julia isn’t as messed up as Meredith they are so similar.

This story is about a couple who lost their way and even though they were separated they always loved each other. It starts after their separation which I am thankful for because if all that pain and heartbreak had been included I wouldn’t have been able to read the book.

This entire book felt like an epilogue to their story and I loved it. I love how they reunite and how they work things through and end up happy. I would have loved an epilogue that kind of showed how their lives were years later but there are two more books to this series so I will patiently wait to see how their lives turn out even though it will just be a glimpse.

All I can say now is that this book made me fall in love with love again.


It just made me appreciate good and honest love. And that I pray I fall for someone who will love me just as much as Cole loved Julie.

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