‘Bound by Duty’ By Cora Reilly

I will admit that I’ve read this book more than five times and that I plan on reading it tonight once I get into bed.

This is my favourite Mob Romance book and I am confident to say that the only book that would knock it off this pedestal is probably another book by Cora Reilly. 

I love Dante and yes he is an ASSHOLE which is shocking that I liked but let me explain. He is a smart asshole that isn’t stupid or vain. He is also a very respectful asshole who happens to be the mob boss. I have read a lot of distasteful mob romance books that reading this book at the time I did was a godsend! It’s well written, classy and very sexy and I understand both characters. Valentina who is young and also his wife is the kind of woman I love to read about. Smart, confident and pretty regular. Besides all that, this girl is kind and very stubborn. This story revolves around their married life. They both lost their spouses before they married and are trying to get used to married life again. Well Valentina is the one trying and Dante doesn’t even seem to bother with the marriage which would be sad but Valentina isn’t one to give up entirely.

I have to delete a lot of things as I write this review because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. So this is how I will say it, this book is hot, funny, interesting, and has enough danger to make it worth your time.   


I’m just gonna tack my review onto this one and say some things my friend here was too afraid to say… because I can read minds. Let’s begin by pointing out that Anita gave me this book to read and made promises that were half-kept.

Okay, yes, Valentina was a good, female character, strong even, stubborn definitely, smart as a tack, too.


Maybe I’m just a dark, twisted soul but if at some point, I’m the one putting in all the effort to make our marriage work and you’re there looking sexy and brooding all the damn time then I WILL STOP TRYING.

To me, apart from the sex, Dante was a crap human being. I get it, you’re sad or whatever, kudos. Your wife died, boohoo. Someone may be trying to kill you and you’re super stressed, waaaaah. He was a flipping grown ass man. I understand that for that period in history, he was very forward thinking to even let Valentina get away with half the crap she did… and emphasis was placed sometimes on “at least he didn’t hit her or cheat like other husbands did”… Well, fuck. THAT’S WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.

That said, I actually liked the book. I disliked Dante for MOST of it but he grew up and pulled through at some point so *applause*. And grudgingly, GRUDGINGLY I SAY, I liked Valentina, too.

Solid 3.5/5 from me for…y’know…this sort of book.)

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